Moore Elementary is a PBIS school, which means that we focus on the positive behaviors in our students and staff to create an engaging learning experience. Each location at our school, such as the cafeteria, hallway, classroom, recess, and restroom has a designated matrix of positively stated expectations based on our motto: R.O.L.L. (Respectful, On-Task, Loyal, and Leaders)

At Moore, we teach our Armadillos to R.O.L.L. and reward their positive behaviors with Moore Cash. Students have the opportunity to use their cash for both tangible and intangible incentives. We also recognize positive student behaviors in other ways during the school year – Bring It To Me Friday celebrations, monthly PBIS drawings, Moore spirit stick, etc.

Ask your Armadillo how we R.O.L.L. and what they are saving their Moore Cash for.

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